Q&A + FAQs

This past June the LMSC held it's annual Lab Manager Luncheon hosting a Q&A with panelists representing UCSF Service Providers from EHS, Logistics, RRP, ITS, FM, LARC/IACUC, HR, Sustainability, & SCM. The questions were solicited from UCSF Lab Managers so the discussion covered a wide array of topics pertinent to the average lab manager. See the outcomes of that discussion here:



For a list of frequently asked questions see below.


List of UCSF Vendor contacts (updated annually)


How do I join the UCSF Lab Manager Group listserv? It can be found in the Lab Resource Group web page at https://labresource.ucsf.edu/content/how-do-i-join-ucsf-lab-manager-group-listserv


How do I get my lab coats washed? EH&S has partnered with Aramark to provide free lab coat laundry service for all campus research staff. This will be funded by EH&S, so there is no cost to the lab. Detailed info on how to get your coat laundered can be found at http://ehs.ucsf.edu/ppe-laundry


How do I request a MyAccess SSO? Go to https://myaccess.ucsf.edu page and click the Get MyAccess link. Follow instructions to get UCSF username and password and sign-on to MyAccess for UCSF services and applications.


How do I request a new internet line/set up/repair a phone line? Go to https://ucsf.service-now.com/ess/ and select the appropriate link or select 'Get IT Help'


How do I surplus equipment? https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/capital-asset-surplus-property-disposal https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/capital-asset-surplus-faqs


How do I order gas cylinders? https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/gas-and-alcohol-sales


What do I do if I have a large piece of equipment that I need to have delivered? https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/large-equipment-receiving-assembling-and-de... 


What is the UCSF package delivery program? https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/ucsf-package-delivery-program What mail services are available at UCSF? https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/mail-services


How do I buy goods and services? https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/buying-goods-and-services https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/transaction-and-purchasing-methods https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/considerations


How do I report a hazard or employee injury? Information on how to deal with emergencies and how to report them can be found at https://www.occupationalhealthprogram.ucsf.edu/ohpEE.asp The Exposure Hotline operates 24 hours daily for the provision of emergency care of acute exposures Call the Exposure Hotline Pager at 415-353-7842 (STIC). Call will be answered by a live operator who will connect you with the Exposure Hotline clinician. Medical Center Workplace Injury Employee Injury Protocol-What To Do (Go to https://hr.ucsf.edu/hr.php?org=mc&KB=12&Y=mb ) Supervisors Report of Injury ( Go to https://rl6-4.rlsolutions.com/UCSF_Production/Homecenter/Client/Home.aspx) Campus Workplace Injury Employee Incident Protocol-What To Do (Go to https://hr.ucsf.edu/hr.php?org=c&KB=12&Y=c) Supervisor Incident Protocol (Go to https://hr.ucsf.edu/hr.php?org=c&AT=cm&S=Workers+Compensation)


Who is my EH&S contact person? List and contact information of Department Safety advisors can be found at http://ehs.ucsf.edu/find-your-department-safety-advisor-0


How do I request a P.O.? Go to https://myaccess.ucsf.edu page and click the BearBuy link. Quick Reference Guides and webinars for learning how to use the BearBuy procure-to-pay system can be found at https://remote.ucsf.edu/,DanaInfo=supplychain.ucsf.edu,SSL+bearbuy-training Briefly, there are three different ways of shopping : Shopping with Hosted Catalogs (containing thousands of items from preferred suppliers at University-specific pricing), Punch-outs (connecting to the supplier’s website containing contract pricing; however, the checkout will result in the products returned to BearBuy and added to the active cart), and Forms (including Non-Catalog, Amount-based PO (blanket), and Payment Request). Shopping carts need to be assigned and approved by Finance to generate and finally send the PO. Additional Information may be found here: https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/ From there the “Buying” category should be selected: https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/buying For “off the shelf” items, BearBuy is the next most likely avenue: https://supplychain.ucsf.edu/bearbuy As long as the requestor has a UCSF My Access account, you can log into BearBuy. Other methods of procuring goods and services are also discussed in these pages.


How do I submit a reimbursement request? Go to https://myaccess.ucsf.edu page and click the MyExpense link. Select New → Start a Report. Fill in the requested information (Report Name, Policy, Business Purpose, Business Unit, Department ID, Expense Type are mandatory fields) and submit the Report.


How do I get ID card access to locked facilities (submit a work order to FM)? For work needed in your department, or if you notice a repair needed in your building, you can place a service request online at campuslifeservices.ucsf.edu/facilities, under the link Submit Service Request or you can call the Customer Service Center at 415.476.2021 to place a request.


How should I segregate waste? Go to http://ehs.ucsf.edu/ and click the Waste Management link


How do I schedule a waste pick up? Instructions on how to schedule waste pickup are listed by category at http://ehs.ucsf.edu/hazardous-and-controlled-substance-waste-management Biological Parnassus: (415) 476-0546 or (415) 476-1771 Mount Zion: (415) 502-1129 Mission Bay and Satellites: (415) 514-4107 Medical Center: (415) 353-1283 Chemical WASTe online tracking system (Go to https://myaccess.ucsf.edu page and click the WASTe link) Controlled Substances CS Schedule II Disposal Form (Go to https://ucsf.app.box.com/s/vuck1yfw55nomcvp555n5wwt9cbotlwv) CS Schedule III-V Disposal Form (Go to https://ucsf.app.box.com/s/42b13thzmhpvwisg742eanxan0l8ig88) Radioactive Waste Research Information Online "RIO" (Go to https://myaccess.ucsf.edu page and click the RIO (Research Information Online)link) Universal & Household Waste Universal Waste Safety Update (Go to https://ehs.ucsf.edu/chemical-safety-update-universal-waste)


How do I submit an EAP? Emergency Action Plans are completed using the UC Ready application that can be accessed at https://myaccess.ucsf.edu. New UC Ready users should contact [email protected] for a new account. Template and UC Ready Guide can be found at http://police.ucsf.edu/emergency-management/emergency-action-plan-eap. If assistance regarding the EAP Online process is required, contact us at [email protected]. How do I create a Biological (BUA), Radioactive (RUA) and Controlled Substance (CSA) Use Authorizations (UA)? Use Authorizations (UA) are generated through RIO (Research Information Online). Only Principal Investigators (PI) are allowed to create Use Authorizations (UA). Usually a lab member is designated by the PI to perform UA functions as well.


How do I get an ID badge? WeID Service provides UCSF ID cards for students, employees, volunteers, contractors and vendors (http://police.ucsf.edu/weid). First, you need to get approval from your department representative (usually your HR representative who must enter your information into the campus computer system. Second, you need to make an appointment either via http://police.ucsf.edu/weid/make-appointment link or contacting the We ID Team directly at 415/476-2088. Medical Center personnel must contact Medical Center Human Resources or Medical Center Security for ID Cards at the following link http://police.ucsf.edu/weid/gaining-building-access/department-approvals